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Note: If I'm being totally honest though, some of these changed a little. Like my opinion of Silas x Kamui kinda dropped after reading Silas' supports with Camilla? In the localization, he confesses his love to her even though he may already be married. And his support with Elise in the Japanese version is kinda... eeh...

I've kinda fallen for Kamui x Jakob (though I said I wouldn't when I started), but I've gotten so used to Jakob x Rinkah, haha... Not to mention Sophie and m!Kana as siblings is the cutest thing ever? Okay, not the best pair of siblings, but they were my first when I played Birthright, so in a way they're kinda special, haha.

Fire Emblem Fates - Pairings Meme 

For those who can't see the images clearly:
  • Corrin/Kamui x Silas (or Jakob)
  • Kaze x Azura
  • Xander x Hinoka
  • Leo x Charlotte (or Takumi)
  • Arthur x Elise (or Setsuna)
  • Benny x Camilla
  • Niles x Beruka (or Peri)
  • Odin x Elise (or Kagero)
  • Laslow x Felicia (or Nyx)
  • Keaton x Mozu
  • Kaden x Peri (or Sakura)
  • Azama x Setsuna
  • Hayato x Hana
  • Hinata x Sakura
  • Saizo x Orochi
  • Tsubaki/Subaki x Selena/Severa
  • Takumi x Oboro (or Leo)
  • Ryoma x Kagero
Not shown/listed above:
  • m!Corrin x Felicia
  • Percy x Ophelia
  • Hisame x Selkie
  • Shigure x Mitama
  • Ignatius x Midori
  • Asugi x Sophie
  • m!Kana x Velouria
  • Siegbert x Nina
  • Shiro x Caeldori

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